Why Lothian?

East Lothian, actually. It’s where we first visited dragons. But we weren’t looking in East Lothian right at the start. We were looking down a hole in the ground. So how did we end up north of the border?

Seriously, we wanted to write about dragons after our experiences with the pavement. We started throwing ideas around – and then something brilliant happened. Floris Books in Edinburgh announced a competition. It was to write a novel for 9s-12s set in Scotland, and the Kelpies prize would be given to the winner. That sounded like a good thing to try for.

The book we wrote at that time is now going to be the second book in the Lothian Dragons series, not the first. It’s called Farlkris. 

We were really pleased to be listed in the last three for the competition, so we dressed ourselves up nicely and went to the 2005 Edinburgh International Book Festival where they were going to announce the winner – only to find that another story had beaten us to first place! 

That’s when we decided to write the book that comes first in date order: Scordril.  And because we were committed to East Lothian by then, we decided to stay there. We’d become quite attached to the place, anyway. But that’s why these are the Lothian Dragons books and not the London dragons or the Somerset dragons – though you may well find dragons living there, too. 

If you want to read an extract from the first chapter, head over to the main website and see what you think.


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