What’s in a dragon name?

It’s an exciting time for us, now Scordril has been published. And even better knowing that parents are enjoying it so much, too. Of course, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t – we enjoyed writing it.

Anyway, the question we’re asked most often at the moment is: how did you choose the names?

If you’ve not read the book yet, this will seem a strange thing to pick on. So let me list a few:







and more…

Now, those are odd names, definitely, but they’re also very logical. We knew that evil nightdragons would be coming from the far north, so we decided on something that would sound like Norse names from the olden days. After all, possibly all dragons had come from the same place originally. 

In that case, we thought to ourselves, why not take a book of Norse myths, search out some good names and start swapping the endings to make new ones?

So we took the first half of one name and added onto it the second half of someone else’s name. It was great fun to do – ditching the peculiar ones as we went.

I imagine it could be quite fun to do that with British names, too: Angela and Robert would become Angbert and Robela. Far more interesting, don’t you agree?

If you want to know who those dragons were, then you’ll have to get the book from here or wait for another post!


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