Author visit and book signing

We have arranged two events that will let people get to know Scordril better. 

The first is an author visit to a mixed class of Year 5/6 at St Mary’s Primary School in Haddington, East Lothian (lucky people – they can see Traprain Law from their windows and have already bought books for their library and are reading the story to the class in question). This is on Wednesday 12 November, so we’d best get started working on a plan for this. We’re really looking forward to it.

The other event is a book signing at Borders in Team Valley, Gateshead. Their children’s department is huge, so we are looking forward to meeting lots of families there. That date is Saturday 13 December. Scordril would make a wonderful Christmas present so the timing is spot on. We’re dreaming up an activity that can run at the time of the signing. There are so many things we could organise that we’re a bit spoiled for choice. If you’re around in Gateshead that day, do drop in and say hi.


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