The Great Chamber at Traprain

So what does a dragon Great Chamber look like? Even Scordril was curious to find out after all they’d been through to get into Traprain Law, so we’ll take a peek with him as he goes in:

There, before Scordril, was the entrance to the Great Chamber. An ornate wooden door covered in jewels and metal stood open. His dragonsight was dazzled by copper and silver swirls shaped into dragons, with stones – dragonblood-red – as eyes. This was the place he had read of in the Chronicles. The door even smelled of ancient dragon magic. Scordril almost ran forward, his eyes whirring, to see what it was like inside, just stopping himself at the last. You are older than an eager youngone! And a mage! he told himself, but his excitement was real.

The leading dragons had entered the chamber, down several wide steps. He could see over their heads. He let his breath out in astonishment, as a flickering stream of tiny golden flames…

A curving hall, carved from the rock by dragonbreath, spread out before him, like a bigger version of the Great Hall at home, but otherwise as unlike Musselburgh as a fish is to an eagle. Scordril had never seen anything like it. The walls and floor were coloured! Even in the poor, flickering light from three golden torches hung on the wall opposite the door, he could see that much.

The floor was more vibrant than the colour of the soil in the fields between Musselburgh and the Law. It was a warm red-brown, worn with years of treading claws, and trailing tails, deepening to a rich orange-red around the fire-pit sunk in the middle of the floor. Scordril slowed to a standstill at the foot of the steps, barely noticing that other Musselburgh dragons did the same. The colour ran up the walls and changed in shade, paler in places, then richer like a mix of autumn leaves, blending into the contours of the melted rocks. But the section of wall with the torches was darkest, vivid, blood red and sparkling with specks of gold, a shimmering metallic dust of real gold. 

It wouldn’t do to tell you what happened next. But it was far worse than anything they’d been through so far. If you want to know what Traprain Law looks like from the outside, you can see pictures on the main website here.


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