Mapping it out

Not everything in Scordril came from our inventive minds. We made visits to Traprain Law and Musselburgh on several occasions to draw the location. 

The Musselburgh visits happened much earlier because Farlkris – the book we wrote first (see here for an explanation) – was totally based there. We needed to map out where overgrounders and morphed dragons went at any time, so we could describe the routes properly. In this way, readers can go and say, for example: “This is the wooded area where they searched to find the factory.” So the up-to-date Musselburgh was mapped.

But Musselburgh in Scordril, is different. In Scordril’s time (1950s), there was nothing much above the layr so it was possible for dragons to keep watch and come and go more freely (although they still flew behind mage clouds). By the time of Farlkris, we have a Tesco supermarket on that very plot! So we had to have them coming and going via a drain cover that led to the sewers, and along to the layr they’d excavated when they needed more space.

Traprain Law was easier to map, because our map included the countryside around. We just had to get the hill’s shape and the rocks right. We did move a stream to where we wanted it (how else would the campers wash?), but otherwise it’s just as it should be – and characters who climb up can see from the top of the Law the very things a visitor can. 

We like that kind of accuracy because it’s fun to go and find places you read about in a book. The map that Morris drew of the Law also shows where the dangerous dragongrid was cast, and where the dragon tunnels ran in and out of the Law. We’ve put it in the book and on the main website, if you want to have a look.


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