Magic rules!

Most books with magic in them have rules for how that particular magic is used. Otherwise, when things got tough, someone would just come on with a wand and “magic” it back to normal. Problem solved.

The dragons in Scordril have their own rules for magic. These are three of them:

1 The magic is found innately in the dragonmages. The rest of the dragons draw their magic energy from the mages in the layr, as and when they need it. This might include magic for flying behind a cloud or for morphing (see 3 below).

2 If too much magic energy is used at any one time, the mages have to rest while they recover. So there isn’t an endless supply. 

3 The dragons can draw on magemagic to morph into overgrounder shape. But adult dragons cannot remain morphed for long – just a few hours. Younger dragons can maintain the morphed shape for longer.

As you read, you will find several more “rules” that affect how they can use their magic. But that’s the basics.

I like magic to have rules. In the ancient Greek dramas, there was something called Deus ex machina – which meant that at the end of a play, a god would descend from the sky and make a happy ending. That’s not exactly clever, is it? I’d much rather people in books solved their problems themselves, which is exactly what Scordril and Morris and Flick do, by their own inventiveness.


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