Added ingredients 1

When we had the theme, plot and sections mapped out, it was only natural that we would add in various other things as we wrote – things we knew about or were interested in. 


One of us knew about herbs and healing, so that’s why Threah is skilled in the art. She’s therefore the one who tends Brygnon, the injured dragon who arrives from Traprain Law on the first page.

She also comes in handy when the mages at Musselburgh layr are inventing a new magic to counter the strange magic of the dragongrid. The experiment gives them a massive headpain:

At that moment, Threah appeared carrying a bowl. >>Drink this,>> she commanded. >>It is a tincture of feverfew and will quickly take away the headpain.>> 

[The use of italics between chevrons is our indication for mindspeech.]

Threah has a helper in Ennasif, a younger dragon who is learning about herbal treatments. Both of them fly east from Musselburgh with the wing of dragons under Kvayn’s command – any dangerous enterprise needs a healer on the team!

If you want to know what that enterprise was, I guess you’ll need to read the book – you can find it here. But Threah can’t be just a healer in the story. So we made her Scordril’s intended mate – if he can keep his temper under control.

I’ll look at more “added ingredients” in a future post.


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