The dragon quiz

The internet is alive with sites where dragons are mentioned, loved, reviewed and honoured. There are also some fabulous pictures.

Here at Lothian Dragons, we know Scordril and his kin really well because we visit them regularly. But we’d love to know more about you and your dragon experiences. For instance:

  1. Are you a dragon believer? If so, why? If not, why not? Spill the beans!
  2. What interests you most about dragons?
  3. If you could mindspeak with dragons, what would you ask them?
  4. Which good books about dragons have you read?
  5. Scordril and his kin live under the towns and hills of East Lothian in Scotland. Where else are there dragons?

We’ll read your comments with interest! You can read the first page of Scordril here.


2 responses to “The dragon quiz

  1. Okay. Here are my quiz answers.
    1. Yes, I am a believer. The universe is simply too big for us to know what is and isn’t out there.
    2. The most interesting thing about dragons is their range of powers and abilities, as well as the differences in views among cultures.
    3. If I could mindspeak with a dragon, I would ask it how old it was, what it could do, what it thinks about religion, what it thinks of the world today.
    4. I’ve read the Inheretance Cycle, Dragons of Krynn, any number of faery tales.
    5. I’m not sure where they are, but it seems to me that a race that advanced should be able to live anywhere and make good come of it.

  2. Hi Nickoomba
    Thanks for those interesting comments. I agree about the universe being too big for us to make definitive statements about what may be in it! I wonder what others think, and especially what good books they’ve read about dragons. I haven’t read these but I once read McCaffrey’s Pern series.

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