The Crafty Writer finds Scordril

Wow, we’ve been found by one of the best writing sites! 

A big thank you to The Crafty Writer (known as TCW and run by Fiona Veitch Smith) for interviewing us about Scordril. If you want to read all the secrets we haven’t yet shared here, then pop over to TCW and have a read of Co-authoring: when two become one

The Crafty Writer is all about helping new and established writers hone their writing craft and increase their earnings. So if you want to develop your writing further, and learn some helpful tips and skills for all kinds of writing, there are loads of articles on the TCW site to start you off. Well worth a visit.

But just for now, since we’re in the business of dragons over here, have a look at this particular post on TCW, which deals with fantasy fiction from the angle of children’s books. 

Scordril is fantasy in one sense, of course, but not the usual kind of tale set in a pre-industrial world. The Lothian dragons inhabit the 20th and 21st centuries in places where you can go visit, and they meet up with real children who grow up to become real adults who still meet up with the dragons from time to time. The other ingredients of fantasy outlined in the TCW article are likewise not all part of Scordril, and so it becomes more difficult to define which genre the book does belong in.

We’d love to hear what you think of our kind of fantasy – the feedback so far has been really encouraging. But what’s your take on our story?


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