Three cheers for Lothian

Saturday at Borders in Edinburgh (Kinnaird Retail Park) was wonderful and we sold loads of books. Mind you, the people shopping there are the very people who live in or near where Scordil is set. If we can’t sell Lothian Dragons in Lothian, we’re on the wrong road.

The members of staff were lovely. They announced Kelsey Drake’s book signing event on the tannoy every 15-20 minutes for several hours, and made the book sound really exciting and worth buying (well, it is). 

One interesting thing was that so many of the shop’s visitors were happy to talk about the dragons under Musselburgh and under Traprain Law, even if they had no relatives in the 8-12 age group. This proves to us that a book set in a place you can visit is a good idea. It also proves a longing for something exciting to be discovered in a place you’ve grown used to!

The five things most visitors wanted to know were:

1. How did we come to write this book? (You can find the answer here.)

2. Was it okay if they bought it for themselves? (Yes, many adults are reading it.)

3. Where did the dragons go underground in Musselburgh? (Answer: go to Tesco, cross the road, find the round drain cover, morph and descend)

4. Have we written a version of Scordril – or another Lothian Dragons book – for their younger children? (Now, there’s an idea!)

5. When would the sequel be out? (Watch this space.)

We also found teachers who’d heard of Scordril as a result of our visit to St Mary’s (well, I imagine that’s where news leaked from). If any other teachers would like an author visit, for World Book Day in March or at any other time, do contact us via our main website here. We’d love to come.


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