How to draw dragons

Dragonclaws – it’s still Christmas and New Year holidays, and I have some free time. So I’m going on an Internet search to see if I can learn how to draw Scordril and his friends – well, his dragon ones, that is. I think I can manage Morris and Flick.

This is definitely connected with our book. It would be really good to be able to draw Threah and Scordril and Ennasif and all the rest – I know their colours and their temperaments, but have no idea how to put all the dragon bits together. 

If anyone else fancies drawing a dragon, or even a head or body or wings rather than a whole one, here are some sites I’ve found that will help: 
This is the one I will try out first. There are at least four parts to the tutorial. It just appeals to me. 
This is a live “click and follow” tutorial, from which you can make your own variations. 
This is very clear – with further pages, too. 
This one is computer art for those who have a paint program and would like to try the techniques for making a plain drawing 3D on screen.

Any of you who got a copy of Scordril for Christmas (and there are a fair few of you!), do write and tell us which dragon you liked best and what you liked most about the story. You can even draw your favourite scene once you’ve worked out how to draw dragons! You’re welcome to leave comments here or send messages via the main website contact page, and we can make arrangements to post some pix if you’ve done one.


2 responses to “How to draw dragons

  1. love dragons!!! trying to design my own for a tatoo that doesnt look so anumated?

  2. I’m still perfecting the art too – I swear it should be easier than it is. Good luck with yours!

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