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A Lothian myth

Actually, it’s probably genuine history, but the various retellings of the story of Loth and Thenew led us to treat it as myth.

In some versions, this is about Thenaw (with an “a”). daughter of King Loth or Lleuddun, who ruled in the Haddington region of Scotland. She was supposedly made pregnant by Owain mab Urien (whoever he was!) and thrown off Traprain Law by her angry dad. She survived the fall, drifted in a coracle across the River Forth, made it to Culross and gave birth to St Kentigern. Other sources tell us that Loth’s daughter was Thenew (the spelling we decided to use) and that Loth himself was leader of the Votadani and gave his name to the Lothians. All grist to the mill, so to speak.

Anyway, we knew that dragons lived there too, so they had to appear in the story. And we also needed a good yarn at the point where the reader thinks everything is going well, just before the blackest and most dangerous moment.

So we tweaked the story and began like this (Njortin, Dragonmaster of Traprain, is speaking):

“Glows past, there was an overgrounder named Loth, a  powerful overgrounder who ruled as king over others of his kind, and over all the lands around our layr. Over everywhere we hunted, then and now. Even down to the sea itself. Lands that the overgrounders came to name Lothian after him. And he ruled from here at Traprain, living upon the very top of the Law, high above our heads…”

I won’t spoil your fun by telling you the whole story – if you don’t already own a copy of Scordril, you can find one at our main website

Oh – and a happy new year to everyone who drops by.


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