What does Scordril promise?

Every story promises the reader something right at the beginning. A long time ago, I read in a good book about writing that there were in fact two promises: the emotional one that makes us feel something, and the intellectual one that makes us think.

1. Here is our emotional promise for Scordril: if you read this book, you will feel fascinated, curious, entertained and scared. Sometimes all at the same time as you get to know the characters.

How does this show on the first page?

We start straight in with dragons keeping watch when an injured dragon arrives. Fascinated? Curious? Entertained? Scordril gets immediately angry at the risk the visiting dragon has taken – he was NOT hidden behind a magecloud. Are we scared there’s going to be trouble? Alarmed something has made the youngster take this risk? Scordril is!

2. Making an intellectual promise to the reader sounds a bit erudite! But this is simply this: we will show you there is a different and more interesting world running parallel to the one you know. So you’ll see our own world from a different perspective. It’s meant to make you think!

How does this show on the first page?

Well, we mention Musselburgh, the River Esk and overgrounders (humans) right up front – and surely anyone would think: hang on, those are real places… There are dragons there? You will never look at those locations again with the same eyes, we promise.

Of course, writing a story is not a mechanical exercise, but we hope we have developed our promises in the middle part of the story, and delivered on them by the end. You’re the judges.

You can read the first page here if you want to check it out.


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