TRAPrain or TrapRAIN?

A big hello to everyone I met at Borders, Fort Kinnaird Retail Park, yesterday. And, of course, to anyone signing on here who bought Scordril somewhere else. 

It was really good to meet so many of you. Only one half of Kelsey Drake was able to be at the shop, but the day was made great fun by all the conversations about Traprain Law, the treasure that was found there years ago, dragons flying behind mage clouds, Musselburgh town centre and all your families.

One subject cropped up several times, and that was how we should pronounce Traprain Law. None of you agreed with each other. When we first visited, a lady in Musselburgh told us TRAPrain. Yesterday, some of you said TrapRAIN, others agreed with the Musselburgh lady, and on some old maps it says TrapAIN anyway. I’m more muddled than I was. And it certainly had a funny effect on those who were giving out messages on the tannoy yesterday, saying Kelsey Drake was in store. I though they were going to get their tongues tied in knots explaining where the book is set!

But many of you had walked on the Law – so just keep an eye out for the dragons coming in and out of their tunnels. That’s what they couldn’t do when the ancient magic finally grew strong enough to trap them. They come out all the time now.

Anyway, as I said to many of you, here’s an offer. If you finish the book and want to write a message or a review, or send a drawing or painting of anything in it – or a different coloured version of the cover pic we’ve been handing out – then please do head over to the main website and find the contact form. You can then tell us what you want to send and we’ll find a way to get it from you and put it on the site for everyone to read or look at.

Most of you asked about the next book, so we’ll have to get our skates on and get that one ready for publication. We don’t want anyone throwing this dragon joke at us, do we:

Knock Knock
Who’s there!
Dragon who?
Dragon your feet again!


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