Hello to Silverlink readers

A big welcome to everyone we met and talked to when signing books at Borders, Silverlink over half term. We enjoyed it!

A few of you have asked where you can get your writing published, so this is just to remind you that there’s a brilliant magazine for young writers and it’s called (surprise surprise) Young Writer. You can find their web page here and order a subscription. 

We wish we’d had this around when we started writing. As it is, we have notebooks full of stories and plays that we wrote in junior school and did nothing with. 

There’s also a new young people’s mini home study writing course. It’s run by The Writers Advice Centre and you can ask them about it by using the email address on their website.

If your school would like us to come on an author visit, do please let your teacher know about us. We’d love to meet you in class. And that way, we could all talk about writing and have some fun!

Anyway, if you just bought Scordril, thank you so much and have fun with him and his friends. I hope you meet him one day in the real world, like Morris and Flick did.



One of us will be at Borders, Team Valley, Gateshead on Tuesday 3 March at 6pm for the young people’s book club. See you there!


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