Monthly Archives: March 2009

Team Valley

Kelsey Drake will be at Team Valley Borders in Gateshead on the first Saturday of the Easter holidays. That’s Saturday 4 April from 1-3pm.

I’m hoping to meet again some of you who were at their book group earlier this month. 

That evening, we brainstormed some fabulous ideas for other stories that would focus on a group of animals with a problem. We even persuaded the children’s specialist to put on her thinking cap and come up with an idea as well. Any one of the suggestions would make a great story and I hope some of you will write them up. You can send them to Young Writer, which I mentioned in the last post

But I think it’s about time we arranged to have a big dragon with us when we do events. I’ll see about enlarging Scordril so he can stand beside us at the “signing” table. Adult dragons can’t morph for long, which is why it wouldn’t be Scordril himself!

I’m not too sure a large cut-out will be acceptable to the ladies of the Royal British Legion when we do a talk for them a couple of days later, but we’ll see. It would certainly come in handy at East Linton library in the summer holidays. And we’ll flag up a date for that one when it’s confirmed.

If you want to buy a copy of Scordril, head over to the Lothian Dragons website and follow the links. You can read the first page there as well, and see some pictures of Traprain Law. That’s the hill in East Lothian where the dragons are trapped when the ancient magic grows in strength. When the weather improves you may see Kelsey Drake up there too, following the paths that Flick and Morris took on the day they met Scordril (in his overgrounder form as Roderick, of course).