Monthly Archives: April 2009

More dragon fans

You’re everywhere! And it was great to speak with so many of you at Borders Team Valley today (that’s Gateshead if you don’t know). Mind you, it was hard having to miss the footie and the Grand National but hey that’s life! 

Special hellos to Jamie-Leigh, Eleanor, James, Kate, Scott and Sam who told me about their favourite books and their bedrooms filled with shelves of reading matter. (Sam – I’ve bought Skulduggery Pleasant on your recommendation and will start it tonight. Thanks.)

When you read Scordril, you will find a feral cat named A.T. There’s a whole story to be told about how A.T. came to be involved with the dragons, and we mean to tell that story one day in a shorter book. It’s already hinted at in Scordril. There are other interesting places where readers will want to know “what happened” about another dragon, so Kelsey Drake will be spending time this summer working on those ideas while getting Lothian Dragons book 2: Farlkris ready for press.

That’s it for now as my tummy is rumbling like a dragon after the book signing today. But I can tell you the date for our visit to East Linton library’s Summer Quest is July 29th – that’s a Wednesday up in East Lothian. Hope to see some of you there.