Monthly Archives: May 2009

Scordril visits Borders bookshop

Scordril sent along two replica dragons to Borders at Team Valley today because he himself couldn’t come to meet Years 4 and 5 from St Joseph’s and Year 5 from Corpus Christi. The reason? Dragons can’t stay morphed into overgrounder form for more than a short time. Young ones can do it for longer but full-grown dragons have to change back pretty sharply after only a couple of hours.

Anyway, the two model dragons (of Threah and Scordril) were good substitutes and we had a great time together looking at how writers put stories together by asking the questions: who? what? where? why? which? when? and how?

“What if” popped up as well, and we thought of some bizarre ideas for what might happen that could be the idea for a story.

Kelsey Drake (both of us!) got the idea for the Lothian Dragons stories when some workmen dug up the pavement outside and there was such a clonking and banging and sloshing and slap-slapping from the deeeeep hole below ground that we looked at each other and said: “What if there were dragons living down there?” And then we found out there were. Amazing!

I’ll tell you about the “What if” question that was the idea for Book 2 next time.

But in the meantime, we hope you will all write up some of the great ideas you came up with today – you were really imaginative and fun to be with!