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How old is old?

At book signings, people often want to know how old the dragons are in Scordril, and how long they live for. So here are some answers.

  • Scordril himself is 110
  • Ygdrann is 204 (was 54 in the Chronicles – see chapter 2)
  • Vanurl is 212
  • Kvayn, the dragonmaster, is 240 (was 90 in the Chronicles and just showing signs of having mage power)
  • Fenror, another mage, is 158 (he was only 8 in the Chronicles!)
  • Threah, who does the healing herbs stuff, is 105, and her helper Ennasif is only 50.
  • Brygnon, who carries the injured messenger dragon, Gylning, down to the Musselburgh layr, is 95.

Over at Traprain Law, dragonmaster Njortin is 304 and Thofirin, his wife, 306.

Since Njortin is described as very old, I guess we could say the Lothian dragons live to around 300 years. I leave you to work out which are smallones, youngones, or about to become growns!

It was great to meet so many people who love dragons at Fort Kinnaird Borders a few days ago. We hope you’re enjoying reading Scordril as much as we did writing it. At the moment, we are really busy preparing book 2, Farlkris, for press. Which is why this post didn’t get written straight after the book signing. Sorry! We don’t have mage power to help us.


New dates for the summer

We will be at Borders in Kinnaird Retail Park near Edinburgh on Saturday 20th June from 11am to 3pm signing copies of Scordril (yikes – just over a week away!).

We’d be really pleased to meet any of you again who have already bought and read Scordril. Feedback is always useful to us – we’re quite thick-skinned so it’s okay to tell us the bits you’d have liked to be different as well as the bits you enjoyed most.

One of us will be at East Linton library on Wednesday 29th July from 3-4pm so that’s another opportunity for us to meet some of our readers.

See you then!

Borders Kinnaird Retail Park, Edinburgh
Saturday June 20th
11am – 3pm

East Linton library, East Lothian
Wednesday July 29th

‘What if’ for book 2

I said last time that I would tell you about book 2: Farlkris.

There are all sorts of ways to dream up a story. Some writers start with the characters. The characters then interact with each other and that would tell you what to write about.

Other writers think up a theme. They would decide, say, that they wanted to write about courage, and then they would think, “What kind of story would show what courage is?” And then they would write that story.

For book 2 of the Lothian Dragons series, we did a third thing, which was think up a scenario. That’s a sort of scene that could possibly happen. In this case:

What if someone is poisoning the sewage system and the dragons living underneath Musselburgh are the first to notice, as it is threatening their layr? What if this poisonous waste is being washed down the rivers and killing things? What if there is a bad storm and the storm drains overflow and send all the toxic water into the overgrounder world?

Well, this is the basic “what if” idea for Farlkris, which is set about 60 years after Scordril. In other words, it’s set in the present time.

And instead of starting with a dragon chapter, we start with Hannah in the overground world where something very odd happens.

That’s all I’m going to tell you. You’ll have to wait till the book is published to find out more!