‘What if’ for book 2

I said last time that I would tell you about book 2: Farlkris.

There are all sorts of ways to dream up a story. Some writers start with the characters. The characters then interact with each other and that would tell you what to write about.

Other writers think up a theme. They would decide, say, that they wanted to write about courage, and then they would think, “What kind of story would show what courage is?” And then they would write that story.

For book 2 of the Lothian Dragons series, we did a third thing, which was think up a scenario. That’s a sort of scene that could possibly happen. In this case:

What if someone is poisoning the sewage system and the dragons living underneath Musselburgh are the first to notice, as it is threatening their layr? What if this poisonous waste is being washed down the rivers and killing things? What if there is a bad storm and the storm drains overflow and send all the toxic water into the overgrounder world?

Well, this is the basic “what if” idea for Farlkris, which is set about 60 years after Scordril. In other words, it’s set in the present time.

And instead of starting with a dragon chapter, we start with Hannah in the overground world where something very odd happens.

That’s all I’m going to tell you. You’ll have to wait till the book is published to find out more!


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