How old is old?

At book signings, people often want to know how old the dragons are in Scordril, and how long they live for. So here are some answers.

  • Scordril himself is 110
  • Ygdrann is 204 (was 54 in the Chronicles – see chapter 2)
  • Vanurl is 212
  • Kvayn, the dragonmaster, is 240 (was 90 in the Chronicles and just showing signs of having mage power)
  • Fenror, another mage, is 158 (he was only 8 in the Chronicles!)
  • Threah, who does the healing herbs stuff, is 105, and her helper Ennasif is only 50.
  • Brygnon, who carries the injured messenger dragon, Gylning, down to the Musselburgh layr, is 95.

Over at Traprain Law, dragonmaster Njortin is 304 and Thofirin, his wife, 306.

Since Njortin is described as very old, I guess we could say the Lothian dragons live to around 300 years. I leave you to work out which are smallones, youngones, or about to become growns!

It was great to meet so many people who love dragons at Fort Kinnaird Borders a few days ago. We hope you’re enjoying reading Scordril as much as we did writing it. At the moment, we are really busy preparing book 2, Farlkris, for press. Which is why this post didn’t get written straight after the book signing. Sorry! We don’t have mage power to help us.


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