How about this then?

I was lying in bed last night, not quite asleep, when I thought of Scordril. Sad, I know. Can’t even forget him at night!

But while Scordril was probably lying round the fire in the Great Hall at Musselburgh thinking about Njortin and his friends at Traprain Law, I invented an acrostic or two. That’s a poem where the main word goes down the side and each line starts with one letter of it.

Like this – with the word “dragon”:

Dangerous spells around the hill
Roaming cannot happen
Ask their kin what happened here – a
Grid that no one sees?
Only with ancient magic can
Njortin’s layr be free.

And then I thought of Morris and how scary it might be to meet up with a real dragon when you thought you were camping safely next to a nice climbable hill:

Might have seen a dragon
Or maybe imagined one? But
Roderick is Scordril – scary!
Resist the fear and lend the shard.
Instant friend of dragonkind and
Special talisman!

Anyone got one for Scordril himself? I’ll be having a think!

Very shortly we’re going to bring the main website over to this blog so you can have all the Scordril stuff in one place. Book 2, Farlkris, will be here too when that happens. We’ll let you know when.


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