Another interview with Kelsey Drake

An interview with us is now on Conversations with POD (which stands for Printing on Demand). It talks about why and how we decided to publish Scordril with Matador. (You can find the previous interview here, if you missed the one on the The Crafty Writer blog.)

We are still proofreading Farlkris. We want it to be perfect. And we are still haggling a little bit about the exact colours on the cover. If you’ve been in library and school sessions with us, you will have seen a manky example of how the first cover of Scordril didn’t come out quite right and we asked for it to be changed to the one you know.

The problem is the designer has done a brilliant set of colours, but Farlkris needs to be the same as Scordril but different – or no one will know they are in the same series. I mean, that’s how we find the next book we want in bookshops, isn’t it? So we’ve asked for some slight changes. We’ll put a cover up here when we have the final version.

I wonder if JK Rowling had this bother?


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