Kelsey Drake signing Farlkris

We are signing copies of the new Lothian Dragons book 2: Farlkris in Borders bookshop at Kinnaird Retail Park outside Edinburgh on two dates before Christmas. The book will be published around 2nd November if you can’t wait till the signings.

Kelsey Drake at Borders:
Kinnaird Retail Park, Edinburgh

Saturday 14 November 11am – 3pm
Saturday 12 December 11am – 3pm

Front cover of Farlkris: Lothian Dragons Book 2

Front cover of Farlkris: Lothian Dragons Book 2

These dates are just in time for Christmas stockings, presents for your friends and family, and for yourself.

So we’re looking forward to seeing you at the book signings – we’re always happy to talk dragons with our readers, and to hear what else you’ve been reading.

We’ve put loads of Musselburgh stuff in the new book – try finding the school Hannah and Kris go to, or the supermarket near the entrance to Farkris’s dragon layr. Or even the house where Hannah lives. There’s a map to help, as usual. I expect you’ll be able to tell us a thing or two about Musselburgh, too, if you live there.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I need to print some more bookmarks for you.


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