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More Farlkris on the web!

If you’re interested, you can find out more info about Farlkris at our new entry on the Conversations with POD website here.

We’re really sad about the demise of Borders. No bookshop should be allowed to close when it’s making money – which some of the Borders stores are. It’s a bit like when the whole class gets punished just because some kids are making a nuisance of themselves.

The Borders staff in Gateshead, Newcastle and Edinburgh Kinnaird have been really good to us and we hope the staff who have to get new jobs find them soon, still working with books and children.

If you get a chance, go and buy lots of books before they shut, to show them you really like books. Make their day!

We feel like sending the dragons in to sort things out in a better way! A touch of magic, a different way of doing things… Oh well. They only get in touch in real emergencies and I don’t think any overgrounders think this is one.


Listen to the dragon chronicles

Hello to all of you who bought either Scordril or Farlkris at Kinnaird Park yesterday. It was great to meet you.

We thought you might like to hear a bit of Scordril read for you. Chapter 2 is the hardest part because it’s written in dragon script and is a bit old-fashioned in style. Well, what do you expect? It was recorded by claw in 1800.

If you want to listen, either click the audio player below or go get your Scordril copy first, and follow as you listen. It’s pages 18-23.

***Heart attack alert: it’s not exactly bedtime listening!

Scordril chapter 2 Chronicles:

That’s all – back soon.

Farlkris is here!

Yikes! The floor is covered in books. Farlkris is published!

You can order the book  from the publisher here, or from Amazon, or at any bookshop. And we’re looking forward to seeing many of you at Borders in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, here is Hannah’s map:

Hannah's map

And if you’d like a small picture with both book covers on it, you can download it in your browser by clicking on the image and then saving the file to your desktop – where you can print it out and leave it around for people to take the hint that you’d like a copy of Farlkris in your Christmas stocking!

Lothian Dragons card

That’s all for now. See you soon!