Why Musselburgh?

When we decided to write about an environmental disaster that was threatening the dragons and the overgrounders, we’d already chosen East Lothian as the place for our books. But why Musselburgh for Farlkris?

Well, you know how it is – you visit a place, you fall in love with it and something in it reminds you of something you knew a long time ago. And everything clicks into place.

For one of us (remember, Kelsey Drake is two of us!), there was a love of a little place in Sussex called Rye (which had a harbour and interesting streets and a hill) and this was followed by a love of a place in Yorkshire called Whitby (which has a harbour and some interesting streets, and a hill) – so when we investigated Musselburgh, gosh, there was the harbour… and some interesting streets, a hill… and a river to carry the poison we were writing about.

Get it? Musselburgh grabbed us, not the other way around.

We fell in love with the harbour, and then with the footbridge over the river between Hannah’s home and the industrial park. So here it is in all its glory, just as we found it the first day we visited.

It really does rock a little when you run over it. Or did we imagine that bit? Go and try for yourselves!

Musselburgh river bridge


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