Plus and minus

For those of you who like to read about the author of a book, here’s another interview with one of us. Pop over to this site for a quick view of what may or may not happen next!

We’re also open to suggestions – which dragon would you prefer to have as the star of the next book? Mind you, we’re not promising anything yet. Two books in two years is quite hard work. But we value your suggestions.

That’s the plus point.

The minus point is this:

We would also like to apologise to those of you who have found the error at the start of chapter 19: the typesetters dropped a couple of lines after we proofread it. This is how it should have read:

“We need to talk to Ru,” Kris repeated as he walked with Hannah back along the riverside towards her home.
She looked numb with cold and her teeth chattered.”

If you already found the slip-up and were annoyed, it’s nothing to how we felt when it was pointed out. But hey, it’s Christmas and not a time for being angry and pointing fingers. Overgrounders make errors and luckily it wasn’t anything more serious. But yes, we’re sorry.

Enjoy your holidays!


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