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Snow, dragons and World Book Day

We have been snowed in for much of the time since our last post here. Northumberland is a lonely, deserted place at times!

And do you know what? We had to miss visiting Farlkris and Scordril up in East Lothian, as we couldn’t get across the border into Scotland. They’d invited us to a big celebration feast in the Great Hall at Traprain Law.

Of course, we could have used our talisman to call for help – Scordril would have come straight away and taken us on dragonback – but hey, it wasn’t really an emergency. We just fancied the log fire and a bite of roast lamb!

Scordril, by Farlkris

By the way, Scordril sent us a statue Farlkris had made of him – he says it shows him in one of his tempers! He thought it was funny.

Anyway, we’re finally back in action and World Book Day is next week. One of us will be at Sea View Primary in South Shields on the day itself – Thursday 4th March.
Watch this space for a report of the visit!