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Announcement for Sea View Primary

What a fabulous set of drawings of dragons you sent us! It was soooo hard to pick winners. Everyone deserved a prize. You should have seen the floor when all the pix were spread out to be looked at and enjoyed!

Still, a winner was promised and that person was:

Col A.

Well done, Col!

The runners-up were:

Jessica B.

Ben G.

Sam J.

Here are the art winners’ pix (Col’s is top left):

The stories were really entertaining. So many different ideas.

The winner was:

Katie B.

Well done, Katie!

The runners-up were:

Niomi N.

Katie M.

Ben TW.

Thank you for a lovely day’s reading! Here is the winning story (the runners-up are just below it – if you click on the image on my computer, you get to see a larger version. Give it a try):


Shanklea rules!

Hello Shanklea school, Years 5 and 6.

It was great to meet you all on Monday at Cramlington Library. You had brilliant ideas and were fun to be with. You took part in all the activities during the session and I loved meeting you all!

I hope you’re enjoying reading the books you bought. If you poke around on this blog, you’ll find out lots more about the Lothian Dragon books. Those of you who bought Scordril can find a podcast of some of chapter 2 if you scroll down. Or click here.

And we’d love you to write to us and let us know which bits you liked (or even didn’t like – but be kind, we’re only sensitive overgrounders like you!).

You can leave your messages by clicking on ‘Leave a comment’ below.

Dragonclaws, but I’m hungry now! Back soon with some competition results from Sea View school.