Loretto’s library is open!

What a fabulous time I had at Loretto RC Primary School in Musselburgh the other day. I opened a library!!

This visit was both a Lothian Dragon visit to talk about Farlkris and Scordril, and a pumpkin visit about Splat!, because one of us (Eleanor – in other words “me” here) also wrote a book called Splat! in which Benj and his dad try to grow pumpkins for the Harvest Show.

I was taken by surprise to find the road outside the school so busy, but hey! it meant that lots of Musselburgh “overgrounders” were voting at the election booth over the road. So I didn’t mind.

And then – amazingly – there was a photographer to witness the opening of the new school library. I’m hoping to get a photo to put here soon. But believe me, I have never pretended to cut a tape so many times. But I finally cut it for proper, and the new school library is well and truly opened. We used it four times in the first few hours. I hope you’ll read every book in it!

It was great to meet you all, and a real surprise to be given so many dragon pictures. I piled them all in the car and brought them home. Then I had a wonderful time looking at all the detail you put in your drawings. It was really hard to name a winner, but I did and here it is:

Abigail's winning dragon

And then I decided on the runners-up and here are their entries.

Runners-up: Liam, Amy, Nyaradzo and Christian

But well done to everyone. In the dragon world, taking part is what counts. And that’s why we went out together on a dragon hunt. All the dragons hunt together. It’s more fun that way!

What else is there to say? Well, the flowers you gave me were fantastic and the smell from the lilies hit me as I wondered into the kitchen this morning. A real reminder of how great East Lothian is – well, you’d expect me to say that, wouldn’t you, since we chose to set our dragon books in Musselburgh and Traprain Law?


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