Planning and plotting

One of us (Eleanor) is looking forward to meeting everyone at Framwellgate Moor Primary School this Wednesday. That’s the planning bit of the title.

Some of the dragons are coming with me and they say they are looking forward to hearing me read about themselves. I wonder – do dragons’ ears to go red when we talk about them?!

Threah sunning herself on a rock

I’m also working on a new (very short) story about what happened to Threah when she was a youngling in the layr, just developing her love of herbal healing. What do you think she would have done if she’d met a little overgrounder whose mum was ill?

I think they’d have made friends – but would they have been able to save the mum? That’s where the plotting comes in. I shall go to bed and let my unconscious mind take over. We found that always helped when we were writing Farlkris and Scordril.


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