Monthly Archives: March 2011

World Book Day

Fantastic to come back to Sea View School in South Shields for another book day. I recognised one of you from the book club evening last summer!

We didn’t tell stories this time, we wrote dragon poems. The sort that don’t rhyme. We gathered together a “bank” of words to describe all the different parts of the dragons and then pulled out the ones we really liked to make into a poem.

Some of you were brave enough to read yours out – brilliant. I know others would have liked to, but there’s never enough time to do everything we want.

Here is the one I put together as an example:

There’s nothing like a dragon:
mauve-grey scales
glittering, glistening
enormous wings
unfurled like umbrellas
veins like black net.
Huge frightening dragons
with claws like daggers
sharp, smooth, cold.
Belching smoke and fire
and wanting to play with me.

We (that is, Kelsey Drake, two of us) wrote some special poems called acrostics a while ago, using the words Dragon and Morris. You can find them here.

If you can do one with the word Scordril, put it in the comment box underneath. We’d love to read them.