What I love about Farlkris

I mean the book, of course – though I do love Farlkris the dragon too. He is so funny as he gets to know how humans act and dress. You should see him trying to ride a bicycle!

Anyway here are five things I love about our second book.

1 We have Hannah going into the dragon layr early in the story so we see straight away how awesome it is. Can you imagine being morphed down a size or two to get through a manhole into the sewers? Holding the hand of a dragon??

2 We have a really terrible event happen when the baby dragon dies. I feel sorrow each time I read about it. Hannah and Kris were choked with grief.

3 I love the preparations for the annual town advent service. That’s in the run-up to Christmas, and some very special things happen as the dragons plan how to make the other children in the book  forget about seeing dragons.

4 I love the part played by Ru. She’s fed up at having a baby sister who takes up her mum’s time. Wouldn’t we all be? And she’s fed up that other kids have better clothes and boots because there’s no spare money. It makes her do something very horrible – but she later changes her mind, which is nice.

5 And I love the role magic plays in the book. Getting the magic right is very important in a fantasy story. You can’t just click your fingers and sort things out or there wouldn’t be a story!



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