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It’s nearly November. I can almost smell the sulphur in the air as people let off fireworks and burn Guy Fawkes on their bonfires. Mind you, when one of us (Eleanor) lived in Leeds, it was much more fun to open the attic window and watch the fantastic display put on by the parks department in Roundhay Park. It was like watching hundred-pound notes burn!

Going to a big firework display is what Hannah and Kris do in Farkris. It’s a fabulous occasion, run by the school. But putting this scene in helped us continue the plot. This was in three ways:

1 Ru continues being horrible to Kris, and Kris can’t answer back. That would mean saying he is a dragon not a boy! This makes Kris even more annoyed and Ru starts to look for worse things to do to get even with Kris and Hannah.

2 We have fun with the fireworks, showing how they look and how people react. I bet you’ve seen amazing expressions on people’s  faces as they watch firework displays. The last one to be let off is called The Grand Unbeatable Bang Factory. Get that for a whizz name – we had fun inventing it!

3 But the most important thing that happens at the firework display is that people think they see a black outline of a dragon flying past among the storm clouds. You see, the mage power is growing weak, because they’re having to defend the layr against the toxin in the water. And now the dragons don’t have enough magic to always hide behind their clouds.

This last point leads up to the worst, most sad thing we’ve ever written in the dragon books – someone dies. You’ll have to read to find out who.

But we do wish you a safe and fabulous bonfire night this year.




A zentangle dragon takes shape

I was doodling on a dragon head the other day as I thought about what to do with a class I was visiting. And this is what appeared under my pen.

A zentangle Farlkris

I felt as if I was calmly mind-speaking with the dragons as I thought about life in the Great Hall underground where they all gather in the afternoons to speak and rest. Doodling is a really good way of dreaming up ideas – you could try it when you have to write a story in English!

If you haven’t heard about zentangle, you can find lots of stuff about it if you google “zentangle”. But we all doodle on our notebooks, and it’s just a new name for doing these regular patterns. I wanted to do them in a dragon shape because it made me think of Farlkris and Scordril and all the others.

I can’t now find the site where I downloaded the outline (but it was there to be downloaded and coloured, so they won’t mind too much). If you’d like a copy, you can get it from here until I find the original site.