School visit to Guisborough

Photo courtesy school website

Photo courtesy school website

Hi to everyone at Highcliffe Primary School in Guisborough.

Thank you so much for such a fabulous welcome when I visited on 7/8 November. It was amazing talking with you all and inventing stories together!

Right now, I’m going to remind you of what we did in assembly. And that was REPOH. Or how we get good by practising. Did you remember?

It goes:

R – repetition repetition (arms up or down for each syllable)

E – easy easy (two-hands thumbs up, left and right)

P – pleasure pleasure (use finger/thumb to make smiley shape on your mouth)

O – often often often often (fist and foot stamp, left then right, left then right)

H – habit habit habit Yeah! (clap/slide hands together – and do your Yeah any way you want)

Think of what you want to be good at and remind yourself all the time that practise makes perfect. Your brain can be tricked into remembering and doing it!

I’m looking forward to judging your competition entries!


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