An overview of Farlkris

A new boy who is not what he seems… A newly laid hatchling egg… A poisonous chemical in the sewers that will endanger life if the storm drains flood… Dragons living underground, who must find a solution… And a girl who risks her life to help.

Hannah is named ‘buddy’ to Kris when he first arrives in school. But he is really Farlkris, a young dragon on a mission. His success or failure will seal the fate of both Musselburgh and the dragon layr below the old industrial park.

Hannah and Kris join forces to find and eliminate the source of this terrible threat to both overgrounder and dragon. Their search takes them into conflict with school friends and authorities, the dragonmage Scordril, and Mason Blackwood, a clever but ruthless man whose only aim is to live for ever.

How will the dragons keep their existence secret? And what part is played by Morris, a wise old man who knows all about animals and nature?

Against a background of waning magic powers, dying animals and ferocious storms, Hannah and Kris’s courage – despite unbearable grief – leads to a dramatic and unexpected conclusion.

You can read an excerpt here.


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  1. More exciting then ever



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