Here is the first section of Farlkris:


Dragonclaws! Scordril cursed the loud rustling of his chocolate-veined wings as he stooped and entered the curved room. He’d disturbed Threah.

In the glow of the brushwood torch, he watched her blue-grey form shift a little as it lay curled round the hatchling egg they were protecting as it matured. He reached towards her with his mind.

»Not so long now,» he said, sending his feelings of pride and joy down the link to his mate. »Are you comfortable?»

»With our son ready for his own layring, it will be good to have a smallone around again,» Threah answered.

They remained still for a long moment, aware of how precious it was to share every dragonscale of time before Scordril must go, and everything would change.

Suddenly, the strong mindspeech of the dragongmaster Ygdrann broke the spell.

»The council is to meet urgently, Scordril. The menace is spreading and the danger now grave. We must send the youngone to live overground to find out the cause of this threat to our layr. Only then can the mages hope to find a solution.»

Scordril rose heavily to his feet. »I must go, Threah,» he said. »This is the first time anything has endangered the Musselburgh layr in all the sun-rounds since the Great Split from Traprain Law. Maybe it was a bad idea to live so near the overgrounders, but be they dragonfriend or dragonfoe, we are all now at risk… The mages must not fail.»


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