Framwellgate meets the Lothian Dragons

Hi there everyone in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

It was great meeting you all this week. You took part really well and we all had an excellent time discussing story telling.

I thought your school was a great place to spend the day. Will you find room for me and some of the dragons??

Your ideas were totally brilliant and they inspired me with some more ideas for stories. So thank you.

If one of your teachers sends me a photo or two, I will put them up here so that everyone can see what a good time we had. Watch this space.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading the dragon books you bought. If you took Scordril, you can find some of chapter 2 here, so that you can listen instead of reading. How’s that for lazy?!


Planning and plotting

One of us (Eleanor) is looking forward to meeting everyone at Framwellgate Moor Primary School this Wednesday. That’s the planning bit of the title.

Some of the dragons are coming with me and they say they are looking forward to hearing me read about themselves. I wonder – do dragons’ ears to go red when we talk about them?!

Threah sunning herself on a rock

I’m also working on a new (very short) story about what happened to Threah when she was a youngling in the layr, just developing her love of herbal healing. What do you think she would have done if she’d met a little overgrounder whose mum was ill?

I think they’d have made friends – but would they have been able to save the mum? That’s where the plotting comes in. I shall go to bed and let my unconscious mind take over. We found that always helped when we were writing Farlkris and Scordril.

Loretto’s library is open!

What a fabulous time I had at Loretto RC Primary School in Musselburgh the other day. I opened a library!!

This visit was both a Lothian Dragon visit to talk about Farlkris and Scordril, and a pumpkin visit about Splat!, because one of us (Eleanor – in other words “me” here) also wrote a book called Splat! in which Benj and his dad try to grow pumpkins for the Harvest Show.

I was taken by surprise to find the road outside the school so busy, but hey! it meant that lots of Musselburgh “overgrounders” were voting at the election booth over the road. So I didn’t mind.

And then – amazingly – there was a photographer to witness the opening of the new school library. I’m hoping to get a photo to put here soon. But believe me, I have never pretended to cut a tape so many times. But I finally cut it for proper, and the new school library is well and truly opened. We used it four times in the first few hours. I hope you’ll read every book in it!

It was great to meet you all, and a real surprise to be given so many dragon pictures. I piled them all in the car and brought them home. Then I had a wonderful time looking at all the detail you put in your drawings. It was really hard to name a winner, but I did and here it is:

Abigail's winning dragon

And then I decided on the runners-up and here are their entries.

Runners-up: Liam, Amy, Nyaradzo and Christian

But well done to everyone. In the dragon world, taking part is what counts. And that’s why we went out together on a dragon hunt. All the dragons hunt together. It’s more fun that way!

What else is there to say? Well, the flowers you gave me were fantastic and the smell from the lilies hit me as I wondered into the kitchen this morning. A real reminder of how great East Lothian is – well, you’d expect me to say that, wouldn’t you, since we chose to set our dragon books in Musselburgh and Traprain Law?

Announcement for Sea View Primary

What a fabulous set of drawings of dragons you sent us! It was soooo hard to pick winners. Everyone deserved a prize. You should have seen the floor when all the pix were spread out to be looked at and enjoyed!

Still, a winner was promised and that person was:

Col A.

Well done, Col!

The runners-up were:

Jessica B.

Ben G.

Sam J.

Here are the art winners’ pix (Col’s is top left):

The stories were really entertaining. So many different ideas.

The winner was:

Katie B.

Well done, Katie!

The runners-up were:

Niomi N.

Katie M.

Ben TW.

Thank you for a lovely day’s reading! Here is the winning story (the runners-up are just below it – if you click on the image on my computer, you get to see a larger version. Give it a try):

Shanklea rules!

Hello Shanklea school, Years 5 and 6.

It was great to meet you all on Monday at Cramlington Library. You had brilliant ideas and were fun to be with. You took part in all the activities during the session and I loved meeting you all!

I hope you’re enjoying reading the books you bought. If you poke around on this blog, you’ll find out lots more about the Lothian Dragon books. Those of you who bought Scordril can find a podcast of some of chapter 2 if you scroll down. Or click here.

And we’d love you to write to us and let us know which bits you liked (or even didn’t like – but be kind, we’re only sensitive overgrounders like you!).

You can leave your messages by clicking on ‘Leave a comment’ below.

Dragonclaws, but I’m hungry now! Back soon with some competition results from Sea View school.

Wow – Sea View Primary in action!

What a wonderful time we had on World Book Day!

Year 4 of Sea View Primary – you were brilliant. Both classes. I have never heard so many good story suggestions before. And I’m looking forward to all your competition stories and pictures arriving so I can pick the winners and runners-up.

But what impressed me most during my visit was how you all took part – being a winner isn’t really that important. Being part of the group and having fun together was what made it a great day.

So thank you for welcoming me and the dragons. And here are two photos from the day. See? You’re on the web and famous!


Asking questions

Snow, dragons and World Book Day

We have been snowed in for much of the time since our last post here. Northumberland is a lonely, deserted place at times!

And do you know what? We had to miss visiting Farlkris and Scordril up in East Lothian, as we couldn’t get across the border into Scotland. They’d invited us to a big celebration feast in the Great Hall at Traprain Law.

Of course, we could have used our talisman to call for help – Scordril would have come straight away and taken us on dragonback – but hey, it wasn’t really an emergency. We just fancied the log fire and a bite of roast lamb!

Scordril, by Farlkris

By the way, Scordril sent us a statue Farlkris had made of him – he says it shows him in one of his tempers! He thought it was funny.

Anyway, we’re finally back in action and World Book Day is next week. One of us will be at Sea View Primary in South Shields on the day itself – Thursday 4th March.
Watch this space for a report of the visit!