Morris’s map

After the midnight battle with the evil nightdragons, when the Lothian dragons were safe again, Scordril took Morris up on dragonback to see the land below in daylight so he could make the sketch of where the story happened. He used Scordril’s knowledge to show the location of the dragongrid that had trapped them, and the tunnels.

Morris's map of Traprain Law

Morris's map of Traprain Law

This is a real place you can go see for yourself. We love books where we can go visit the things we’ve read about.


2 responses to “Morris’s map

  1. This is so cool! I just finished a historical romance novel between a Roman Woman and a Pict man. The Pict stronghold is at Dunpelder (Traprian Law) in the region of Lothian.

    Love your blog!

    • Thanks for passing by. I don’t update much now as we have sold the books! I just downloaded the freebie chapter of your Native American novel onto my Kindle – sounds really good. Will read it later and maybe buy the lot. You are busy. Amazing coincidence about Traprain Law! I’m just redrafting/editing my new YA novel…

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